Preschool Curriculum


Our preschool curriculum is themed based weeks filled with discovery, play, arts, and crafts. Students learn about friendship, respect, honesty, kindness, and resolving social conflicts in appropriate ways through lessons and social interactions with peers. We provide a literacy enriched environment that creates opportunities for students to develop skills in reading and writing. Math, science, social studies, music, and art are incorporated in the activities and lessons we teach daily. Our curriculum is designed to be flexible so that lessons meet each individual child where they are developmentally while challenging them to grow. Students are assessed throughout the year to track their individual growth and development. Throughout the year, we will adjust our teaching based on the children’s needs and interests as well as add appropriate responsibilities to help them continue to develop confidence and a high self-esteem. We respect the diverse cultures and traditions in our community and encourage students to show kindness, love, and respect for others.

Our main goals at Spring Street Community Care & Recreation Inc. are based on our Philosophy of Education, NY State Preschool Regulations, and our collaboration with Union Springs Central School District to better prepare students for Kindergarten expectations and NYS Standards.


  • To support the “whole-child” in developing self-confidence, a positive self-esteem and the problem-solving skills needed to participate happily in diverse environments in and out of school.
  • To help children understand their own feelings and express them freely yet respectfully and have the ability to show empathy for one another as future citizens in our society.
  • To provide a nurturing and safe environment and develop positive relationships between staff, children, families and the community to promote healthy social experiences.
  • To provide an educational program that better prepares students for kindergarten expectations.


We at Spring Street Community Care & Recreation Inc. will maintain staff that are highly qualified individuals, knowledgeable about our curriculum and policies and who will continue to receive professional development training in early childhood education to meet the ever-changing needs of our children and families.




Preschool Enrollment Checklist

If you are interested in applying for preschool at Spring Street Community Care & Recreation Inc. please complete the Application for Admissions form.  You will be contacted by the Director upon the recite of your application to verify enrollment status. . To complete registration, additional forms will be provided in a registration packet. These forms are listed below.





Enrollment Checklist

1. Application for Admissions: go to on left side under Preschool Info click on Application form.  Complete and submit.

2. Registration Fee: $45 non-refundable fee (An annual, non-refundable, registration fee of $25 charged each Fall thereafter).

3. Medical Statement: Must be complete with a doctor’s signature, noting any allergies or medical restrictions and listing all immunizations and lead and TB test results.

4. Parent Agreement: Parents recognize they have received and read handbook, understand the sickness policy, give permission for staff to: apply sunscreen, authorize emergency medical treatment if necessary, document growth and development of children, and to take pictures of children to share only with parents and child care staff.

5. Emergency Contact & Day Care Registration Card: form for teachers to contact parents and who has permission to pick child up from center.  A state mandated registration card with basic information regarding parent and child address, child’s date of birth and home and work phone numbers.

6. Contract: This form is your child’s schedule and your agreement to pay for the times you have signed up for.

7. First weekly payment: Weekly payments are due in advance before care is given.  Your first payment is due the day your child/children start.

8. Health Screening Questionnaire: Parents must sign the form agreeing that they are completing the questionnaire at home every day before school.