Our Mission

Our Mission

Empowering Students

At Spring Street Community Care & Recreation Inc, we offer a safe and respectful environment that provides students with the experiences they need to become successful throughout life. We believe that education includes a balance of learning experiences that nurture a child’s cognitive, physical, social/emotional, and language development.  This is why we are an inclusive school that accepts children of various abilities and offers a small class setting where teachers can spend more individual time with each student.

By supporting families and children we hope to build a stronger community through educational programs. Our goal is to provide opportunities for people in the community to come together and build supportive relationships. We provide families a nurturing, safe, educational, environment for their children while they are working. We also offer events and classes that bring children, parents, and others together in fun ways.

Benefits of Early Childhood Programs Birth-5 years

  • Develops social skills with peers.
  • Introduces beginning math and literacy skills.
  • Develops self esteem and self control.
  • Prepares students for kindergarten expectations.
  • Provides Educationally based activities.
  • Tracks students' cognitive, physical, and social/emotional progress.
  • Provides a structured learning environment.
  • Encourages creativity and discovery through play.